Silent Auction


*Silent Auction Ends at 3 PM on Saturday of the state show.

We ask that you have patience with our staff members as we navigate the lines in the most efficient way to get your items to you and get you checked out. 

We have discovered through our years of doing this that there is no fast or easy way to get this done. But we do the best we can.

We do remind you that we are all volunteers!!

* All Items need to be picked up by 6 PM

( You can have other people from your club, county or area pick up your items but they must pay for them first. (We can also take your card over the phone. )

* We will not ship any items

* Yes we accept cash, good checks and credit/debit cards ($2 charge when using CC/Debit card)

* Checks are written to VTF-Horse

* We offer Cash and Carry. (This means that you can pay the value that is on the bid sheet and take the item with you right then )

*Cash and Carry ends at noon on Saturday.

* Please keep an eye on your children so they are not going around writing on the bid sheets without your permission. 

* When we say pens down (at 3pm on Saturday) Please do not cheat. Immediately put your pens down

* If you make a mistake on a bidsheet Please So Not Scratch it out just immediately let one of our staff members know and we will take care of it for you. Thank You!

* Though we do except “clean and lots of life left” used items, please do not bring us dirty, stinky items. We do not have the desire or the time to clean these items and we cannot mix them in with other donations. Thank You!


* Our Raffle ends saturday of the State show at 6 PM. The winners will be called shortly after

* Yes We take the same type of payment as above.

* Raffle items need to be picked up immediately upon being called.


* There will be four tubs in the show office for you to put your donations in for the silent auction

There will also be for tubs at the silent auction area for collection as well. Please place your donations in the correct district bucket. 

* The District with the most donations will receive five points towards the main district challenge Contest at the state show.

* The tubs will be removed from the show office and silent auction area at 2pm on Friday.

At that time we will distribute the items onto tables for bidding in the best way that will enhance the most profit for the silent auction.

This is our 60th year anniversary of the Virginia state 4-H horse show. Lets make this the best year yet. Together we can make the show a huge success, raise lots of money with the silent auction and raffle and have loads of fun

We Are Excited to arrive in Lexington on Wednesday September 8th. We cannot wait to catch up with all of our wonderful Virginia 4-H family. And we cannot wait to meet all of the new folks.

Any questions please private message our Silent Auction chair Rose Baker McDonald on Facebook